My knowledge for your advantage – It’s the detail that counts.

My knowledge for your advantage –

It’s the detail that counts.


Translation services:

For texts in digital form, the rates are based either on the number of words or standard lines of the source text. A standard line corresponds to 55 characters including spaces.

With digital sound recordings that are not available in a written form, I will either charge an hourly rate (including transcription and translation) or charge an hourly rate for a transcription of the text and then calculate an estimate for the source text based on number of words or standard lines.

Factors in the rate estimation for all jobs (translation, editing, proofreading, website testing etc.) are:

  • How technical the text is
  • Deadline (express jobs and weekend jobs)
  • Formatting (time-consuming document formatting for documents that are not machine-readable, such as PDF, JPG, etc.)

Interpreting jobs

The rates for interpreting services depend on:

  • Interpreting type
  • Operating time on site / on the phone or via video conference
  • Technical field of job (increased technical, terminological and possibly organizational preparation)

Interpreting jobs are therefore charged at a per diem rate which covers the preparation time and the time on site. Any travel and accommodation costs will be charged additionally. Short jobs may be billed by individual hours.

Intercultural Training

… will be charged at a customized package rate (factors: duration, number of particpants, type of training, etc.).

Please contact me for an individual quote.

Editing, language courses and other linguistic services

Rates for editing, language courses, tutoring and other language services are generally calculated on an hourly basis, depending on the nature of the job. Each job will be calculated individually.